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Lesson – Lentil and USA, Ohio

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FIAR Book 1: Lentil

General theme : Musical Instruments, Orchestra

Chinese : 5 senses

Literature :

Phonics : The Reading Lesson’s Lesson 3 – Covered the alphabets ‘e’, ‘g’ & ‘th’

Vocabulary : lentil, whittle, indignant, chuckle, pennies

Science : High and low pitches in music

Math FIAR : Followed FIAR’s manual – Fractions

World : USA, Ohio – The famous people from Ohio

Bible : David and Goliath (From Danielle’s Place)

Food : Lime Juice and Pizza Baking

Outing : Look at monuments in Singapore, good to bring to some outdoor free concerts organised by SSO

This entry is actually 80% done, but didn’t complete it due to my Hong Kong Trip.

What I listed in this blog is in addition to the suggested lessons in FIAR.  For copyright issue, I will be safe, and will not list out topics covered in the curriculum manuals.

Another note: we only have 3 schooling weeks per week, and I usually try to complete within 2 weeks to complete my lessons.

Science – Music

Setup: Harmonica, bottles, different types of containers for the maraca, different types of materials for the maracas.

Play the Harmonica

Ethan (and Zoe) had fun playing with the harmonica

Musical instruments in an Orchestra

I happened to have a chart with all the musical instruments in an orchestra. That certainly comes in handy

Following Tempo

Had Ethan followed the beat via clapping.  First started with simple clap, and he followed.  Gradually increased to 2-beat, etc.

Glass Bottle Music

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Ethan with his bottle music

I filled 4 glass bottles (actually bought it from Ikea for this purpose) up to different water levels.  Ethan had fun exploring the different pitch from each of the bottle.

First, he was left to free play with it with the bottles lined up from low to high sound.  I got him to noticed which bottle has high and which has low pitch.

Next, I jumbled the bottles and his task was to align them from low to high, or high to low pitch.

Last, I blindfolded him (eh, the blindfolding took quite a bit of convincing), I hit 2 (and subsequently all 4 bottles), he had to guess which bottle has the lowest/hghest pitch purely using his hearing.  Challenging but fun 🙂

Generally, this part of the lesson is a big success.  Cause he was subsequently able to tell him about high and low pitch when he hears sounds.

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Surprise! Surprise! He actually allowed me to blindfold him!

Homemade Maracas/Rattles (1)

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Siblings making ‘maracas’

Used different materials for the inside of the ‘maracas’.  The purpose was to have Ethan observed how the materials affect the sound from the ‘maracas’.

Anything can be used.  For us, the materials that we used : cut papers, shallots/garlic and rice/beans/macaroni.

Homemade Maracas/Rattle (2)

Had 2 same bottles, filled it with same type of materials, BUT different amount. Had Ethan observed how the amount of materials can also affect the sound.

Preferably use transparent bottles so that the child can see the amount clearly.

Chinese – 5 senses

The following song was sung to the tune of “Where is Thumbkin”, and modified according to the sense that we were doing.


口 在 那 里,口 在 那 里

在 这 里,在这 里

我 用 口 吃东 西,

我 用 口 吃东 西,

真 好 吃,真好 吃。

Song modified for the following.

耳  – 听 ,  鼻  – 闻 ,  眼 – 看 ,  手  – 摸

We also did some worksheets from those assesment books easily purchased from the bookshops.

Sense of taste – 口

Setup: Food with different types of taste, lime for making lime juice

Sang the above song.

Prepared a few things for Ethan to taste without looking at the item.

We did this activity last year in English, but back than, he wasn’t that adventurous to try.  I’m glad that when we re-visit this activity again, he was game to try all the different tastes.  We used food with various taste, ie, sweet, salty, bitter and sour.

Learn to write 口 using this:

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Writing 口

Couldn’t find a worksheet for him to practise, so did one myself.

Made lime juice as part of the Chinese lesson.

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Made limejuice

Sense of Hearing – 耳

Sing song.

Played guess the sound of animal game.  Good chance to revise the name of the animals learnt in the previous farm animals theme. 

Sense of Sight

Sing song.

Using a binocular, play I spy.

Sense of Touch

Sing song.

Touch various objects in a bag, describe how it felt.

Sense of Smell

Sing song.

Prepare 5 items (fried shallots, sour plum, sugar, macaroni, blachan).  Blindfolded Ethan, he had to use his sense of smell to guess what was the item.  Items like sugar and macaroni basically has no smell, encouraged him to use other ways like shaking, touching, and even tasting.

Highlighted that most times, we use more than 1 sense at a time.

Math – Fractions

Using thick cardboards from carton boxes, and construction papers, I made these:

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“Pizza”, “Cake” & “Cookie”  for fraction

1/4 – Pizza

I introduced the lesson by saying;

“Hei Ethan, today we are having pizza for lunch!”

And I brought out the ‘pizza’.  Of course looking and hearing it, he was already all excited about it.  I next said:

“Hei, there are 4 of us, Aunty, you, Zoe and mummy, how should we cut?”

He subsequently said to cut into 4 pieces.  We moved on to talk about making sure that the 4 pieces are of equal sizes, and that each piece is 1/4 pc of pizza.

I was pretty surprise that he could actually tell me that each piece is “one-quarter” without me first telling him.  He told me he knew about it because of the 1/4 baking cups.  Hmmm… the baking time with him seems to be great teaching time too!

1/3 – Cookie

Continued the lesson saying:

“Hei, you know what, I prepared desert!”

Brought out the cookie.  Told him, Aunty was already full, so, only Zoe, he and me were sharing.  This led to introduction to 1/3.

1/2 – Cake

Lastly, brought out the ‘cake’ saying:

“Today we are going to celebrate Zoe’s (or anybody’s) birthday again!”

Sang “Happy Birthday” song, and went on telling him mummy is full, so he and Zoe could share the cake.

This led to 1/2.  He is definitely familiar with half cause I use this term a lot when getting him to drink water, ie, I would pour half cup and tell him, to drink ‘half cup/bottle/etc”.

(1) Can continue with fractions by talking about telling time, ie, quarter to X, half pass X, quarter pass X.

World – USA, Ohio

Was wondering what I can do with Ohio, USA, surprise surprise! Found some interesting facts about Ohio!

– Many Presidents comes from Ohio

– Some great inventors from Ohio, Thomas Edison, 1 of the Wright Brothers

– Birth Place of Aviation, Wright Brothers, 1st man to rotate the earth, 1st man to land on moon, they are all from Ohio!

This homeschooling is really more of a learning time for me than my kiddos!

Anyway, we made a book on all the interesting things and facts about Ohio, State map, state flag, emblem, famous people, Birth Place of Aviation, State flower, mammal, reptile, insect, etc…

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Ohio, USA Book

Did a simple craft from : 

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Space craft 

Bible : David and Goliath

The lesson plan from Danielle really did well to catch Ethan’s attention.  Made a nearly 9ft drawing of Goliath and hung at our school!

Besides the crafts suggested, I use air-dry clay to allow Ethan to make 5 pebbles.  Once dried, we painted it.  I wrote the memory verse on the pebbles, and that will serve as our memory verse game.

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5 pebbles with memory verse written

Great links

Orchestra :

Ohio, USA :

Orbiting Earth craft from DLTK :

Astronauts (Great web by Nasa for kids) :

Coming Up Next…


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Lesson – The Story about Ping

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FIAR Book 1:The Story About Ping

General theme : Duck
Chinese : Farm Animals, “大”, “小”
Literature : Story Writing – “Once upon a time…”
Phonics : The Reading Lesson’s Lesson 2 – Covered the alphabets D, M,  and R
High Frequency Words : Revised and re-read previous week’s HF words
Vocabulary : beggar, barrel, scurry, paddle
Science : Everything about ducks
Math FIAR : Followed FIAR’s manual
Art : Color mixing (Getting green and how to get light colors by adding white)
World : China
Bible : The Portugal Son (From Danielle’s Place)
Food : Duck rice/noodle/Peking duck, etc
Outing : The Animal Resort 

What I listed in this blog is beyond those covered in FIAR.  For copyright issue, I will be safe, and will not list out topics covered in the curriculum manuals.
Another note: we only have 3 schooling weeks per week, and I take 2 weeks to complete my lessons.
We continued with our story writing.  This time, the lesson was to write a fictional story that starts with “Once upon a time…”  Ethan’s plot stunned me!  Here’s what he wrote (he narrated, I wrote):

The Story About Bag

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful old rabbit named Bag.

Bag was older than Ethan. He was a cruel rabbit who loved to eat zebra’s skin.

Ethan fed Bag zebra’s skin every day.

And Bag could fly like a bird.

I wonder what will children psychologist says about such a plot! 

Science – Everything about ducks
When covering animals, I will try to cover the following:
– Grouping
– Terms for female/male/young
– Their home
– Sound they make
– Life Cycle
– Food they eat (Herbivore/Carnivore/Omnivore)
– Some facts
– Extinct?

Exploring with webbed feet
We started the book going to the market to get duck feet.  Back home, after reading the book, let Ethan observed the duck feet.  He was initially a little hesitant about touching it, but finally did so and actually enjoyed exploring it!  

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Ethan exploring the duck’s webbed feet

Highlighted the duck’s webbed feet, and how it helps the duck to paddle when in the water.  Also talked about other animals that have webbed feet.  It helps that we happened to go to the zoo where the otter’s displayed has a write up about webbed feet, and that otter also has webbed feet.

Webbed feet and bill craft 

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Duck’s Bill and Webbed Feet

Did a simple craft to enhance this topic.
Web feet craft:
1. Trace hand with fingers wide open on a thick cardboard paper . 
2. Connect the fingers to form the webbed feet.
3. Paint the ‘feet’.
4. Once dry, punch holes on the sides, and tie elastic band.
5. ‘Feet’ can now be worn like a duck’s feet.
Bill craft:
1. Draw bill on paper plate and cut it out.
2. Paint or color.
3. Punch holes on the sides and tie elastic band.
4. Bill can now be worn on face.

Sang “6 Little Ducks” with the bill and feet

Six little ducks
That I once knew
Fat ones, skinny ones,
Fair ones, too
But the one little duck
With the feather on his back
He led the others
With a quack, quack, quack
Quack, quack, quack,
Quack, quack, quack
He led the others
With a quack, quack, quack

Down to the river
They would go
Wibble, wobble, wibble, wobble,
To and fro
But the one little duck
With the feather on his back
He led the others
With a quack, quack, quack
Quack, quack, quack,
Quack, quack, quack
He led the others
With a quack, quack, quack

Life cycle of ducks
Created an ‘Animal’ file where we will insert information and life cycles of the animals that we learnt. 

The first piece of info inserted was the “Life Cycle of Ducks”

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Life Cycle of Duck

Highlighted that male ducks usually has feathers that are more attractive than females, and they are called drake.
Ethan drew the egg, cut the pictures of the ducklings, duck and drakes, and draw the arrows.
Duck food – omnivores
Food hunting:
Placed fake food that duck eat around the house (insects, worms, frogs, snails, slugs, small shellfishes, grassesm plants), Ethan pretended to be a duck, waddled around the house hunting for food.  When he found food, he had to use his mouth to pick the food up.
Through this exercise, it helped Ethan appreciate why God created duck’s bill, instead of flat mouth like human’s.
Went through all the food that he found, which included both ‘meat’ and plant.  Mentioned that ducks are omnivores cause they eat both meat and plant.

Field trip – The Animal Resort
Went to The Animal Resort hoping to find some ducks so that Ethan can have a close look and observations about them.  But there are no ducks, only geese.  Good enough, at least they belong to same family. 

Other info that were introduced and mentioned
1. Ducks waddle instead of walk.
2. Ducks, together with swan and geese form the waterfowl family, which is under the bird group.

Chinese – Farm Animals
Showed pictures of some farm animals, horse, pig, cow, cat, duck, etc…
Modified “Old MacDonald”
Sang a modified “Old MacDonald Has A Farm” song.  My version is definitely very un-typical, but I find that it really helps, especially since Ethan can’t speak Mandarin at all.  Here’s our modified version with both English and Mandarin!

Modified English-Mandarin “Old MacDonald”

Old MacDonald has a 农场


And on his 农场 he has a 鸭/牛/马/猫/猪/羊/etc


And a 鸭/牛/马/猫/猪/羊/etc  鸭/牛/马/猫/猪/羊/etc here

And a 鸭/牛/马/猫/猪/羊/etc  鸭/牛/马/猫/猪/羊/etc there

Here 鸭/牛/马/猫/猪/羊/etc

There 鸭/牛/马/猫/猪/羊/etc

Every where 鸭/牛/马/猫/猪/羊/etc

Old MacDonald has a 农场



Sang this song at least 3 times over the 2 weeks.  By the end of the theme, though Ethan can’t remember all the Chinese names for the animals but only a few (only 马, 猫, 牛, 农场), I think its already a good start.
What’s important is, he starts to appreciate the language.

Memory Game
Made a card game with pairs of the farm animals.  Played Memory Game using it.  Ethan to say the animal in Mandarin when he flipped the card over.

Writing 鸭
Again, I use pictures to help Ethan recognise characters.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Left side is a webbed feet, right side a bird


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

鸭 traced over the picture above

鸭 rhyme
Created this Chinese rhyme:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Did this rhyme with action.
Line 1 : Arm flap like a duck
Line 2 : Rub tummy with hand, followed by bend head down pretending to be like a duck dipping its head into river.
Line 3 : Sleeping action
Line 4 : Head tuck into arms

Writing 大and 小
Teach this character by revising a rhyme that one of my homeschool mummy taught last year:

爸 爸 大 (hands open wide), 妈妈 小(hands close near)
哥哥 大(hands open wide), 弟弟 小(hands close near)
姐姐 大(hands open wide), 妹妹 小(hands close near)

To write 大, mentioned that since 爸爸 is 大the 2 strokes look like 爸爸’s moustache
To write 小, mentioned that water droplets are very small, looks just like the 点on the character 小. 
Created simple worksheet for this topic.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Ethan pasted the lions under the appropriate characters

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Ethan wrote 大or 小on the appropriate box

World – China
Making China flag:
1. Used the method in Lesson 15, but halved the size of the paper. Folded a star for the large star on the China flag.
2. Paste the star on a red construction paper.
3. Paste 4 smaller stars using star stickers easily available in the book shop.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

China flag 

4th Biggest Country
Did some round discs, from 1st to 5th.  By looking at the world map, Ethan guessed which country is the biggest, which he pointed correctly at Russia.  Asked about 2nd biggest, which he pointed Canada.
For 3rd and 4th, he wasn’t quite sure, so guided him that USA is 3rd while China is 4th.  Since we have covered USA, pasted ‘3rd Biggest Country’ near the USA flag, and “4th Biggest Country” on the China flag.
The rest of the discs are at a side of my world wall, will be used when we cover those countries.
Mentioned that even though the story is fictional, the Yangtze river mentioned is an actual place in China.  Viewed some pictures of the river on the web (links below).

Model of Yangtze river

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Clay Model of Yangtze River in China

Have Ethan make a model of China by (use air-dry clay):
1. Place a sheet of transparency over the China map.
2. Flatten clay on the transparency to cover the map.
3. I trace out the outline and Ethan scrap out the excess clay.
4. Mark out the location of the Yangtze river.
5. Let clay air dry.  Than use a marker to color the marked out Yangtze river orange/yellow. (Yellow is pretty light, which is why we used orange.)
Some other China facts mentioned can be seen at the links below.

Art – Getting lighter shades.
I incorporated art into our Bible lesson when we did the craft from the Danielle’s website.
Needed to do some painting using green and pink colors.  Made use of the opportunity to demonstrate how we can get lighter shades of colors by adding white to the paint.



Coming Up Next…

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Lesson : Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel

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FIAR Book 1:Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel

General theme : Water

Literature : Story Writing – Personification

Phonics : The Reading Lesson’s Lesson 1 – Covered the alphabets C, O, S, A and T

High Frequency Words : some, one, play

Vocabulary : furnace, cellar

Science : 3 States of Water

Math FIAR : Square and cube

Art : Draw shovel

Chinese : Number –  “八”, Family – “水”

Bible : Tower of Babel (From Danielle’s Place)

Outing : Beach

What I listed in this blog is beyond those covered in FIAR.  For copyright issue, I will be safe, and will not list out topics covered in the curriculum manuals.

Another note: we only have 3 schooling weeks per week, and I take 2 weeks to complete my lessons.

I love this book.  The moment I started reading, I was hooked.  Ethan, being very boy, loves it too.  The love for the book made schooling even more fun.

On schooling, I’m very please with how this 2 weeks went.  Thanks to my new daily routine, on most days, everyone is happy.  Zoe is happy that mummy gives her undivided attention every morning, Ethan is happy that school started and mummy does stuffs with him, I’m happy that I have a lot of time to do many things.

But of course, not everyday was perfect.  On one of the days, I was impatient when we were doing the High Frequency words.  I blame it on my PMS 😛 



Vocabulary (Day 1)



Story Writing – Personification (Day 3)

I’m pretty please with Ethan’s first attempt to ‘write’ a story (he narrated, while I wrote).  I bought a 3-lined exercise book, Ethan chose the paper for wrapping it, decorated, and I wrote his story inside it. 

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I’m also very please with Ethan’s enthusiasm to write the story.  I was initially concern that such activity may be ‘boring’, well, he showed me otherwise.

On the story, the focus was to personify a ‘thing’, just like how the author of “Mike” personify the steam shovel.

Here’s his first story (with some guide):

Ethan Sol And His Little Brown Bear

Ethan Sol has a little brown bear.  The bear is light brown and his name is Joseph.

Joseph can hug and kiss Ethan.  Ethan loves to sleep with Joseph.

Ethan loves Joseph very much, and Joseph loves him too.

States of Water

At 4yo, I didn’t want to focus so much on steam power.  I thought before Ethan can appreciate that, he should first appreciate the various states of water.

I’m also not keen to introduce big words like condensation, evaporation, etc.

So what I focused on was, ice, water, steam, solid, liquid and gas.

Steam – A little experiment (Day 1)

Preparation : Kettle, aluminium foil

Purpose : What is steam?

Placed a small piece of aluminium foil over the kettle spout, switched it on, and waited for the water to boil.  Once boiled, it wasn’t difficult to notice the steam.  I also showed Ethan the  water on the aluminium foil, and that the water was the steam that we saw.

Sensory – Ice to water (Day 1)

Preparation : Ice

Purpose : What is ice?

Gave Ethan ice for him to feel, touch and see.  While doing so, I encouraged him to talk about the ice, whether it is cold/warm/hot, slippery, its shapes, etc.  Had him notice what happen to the ice as he played with it.  Focus on the word “melt” –  The ice melted and become water.

Discovery – Water to steam (Day 1)

Preparation : Pot with cover, stove

Purpose : What happen to water when it is boiled?

We poured the water into a pot and heat it up over the stove.  Highlighted the steam, and that steam was from the water.  Covered the pot to ‘catch’ the vapourised steam, showed Ethan that the steam turned back into water.

When all the water were vaporised, I showed Ethan the empty pot and asked him what happened to the water.  Was glad that his reply was : “It becomes steam!”

Water is liquid, and liquid follows the shape of the container (Day 3)

Preparation : Water containers of different shapes and sizes, tray (for water spills), pitcher of water

Purpose : Water is liquid and it follow’s its container’s shape

Asked Ethan what is the shape of the water in the pitcher.  Poured water into a container, asked him what is the shape now.  Poured into another container, asked again.

Through this, he realised that water follows the shape of its container.

He was left alone to play and experiment with all other containers.

Ice is solid and has shape (Day 3)

Preparation : Ice made from various ice trays

Purpose : Ice is solid and it has a shape

On day 1, Ethan made ice using a few types of ice tray with different shapes.  Brought them out today to show him all the different shapes.  Asked him what are the shapes of the ice.  Asked him the different between ice and water.  (Ice has shape, while water follows the shape of the container)

How long does it takes for water to melt (Day 4)

Preparation : 3 Ice, Pot, Containers to hold the ice, fridge, stove

Purpose : How long does it take for the ice to melt?

Have Ethan placed ice on different environments: over stove, on the dining table and fridge.

We heated up the ice over the stove and timed how long did it take for the ice to melt over the stove, dining table and fridge, and charted the result.  Through this, it helped him to appreciate that ice in different environment melt at different rate.

States of Water Collage (Day 4)

Preparation : Pictures of ice, freezer, water, water in container, steam, heating element

Purpose : Reinforce what we learnt through the various hands-on activities that had been done.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Have a paper with 3 columns.  Name the columns, Ice-Solid, Water-Liquid, Steam-Gas

Ethan cut out the various pictures and stick it to the respective columns

Math – Square and Cube

Square – Drawing and cutting (Day 2)

Preparation : Paper with square grid, ruler, scissors, glue, construction papers.

Purpose : Drawing square, cutting, ruler skill (fine motor skill)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Though Ethan knows what is a square by sight, I’m not sure if he knows its properties.  He has also never tried drawing a squares before.  On top of the suggested activities in the FIAR manuals, I happened to have some 1mm grid paper which I let Ethan draw squares of different sizes. 

After the squares are drawn, he was excited to cut them and paste it on the construction paper.

This activity of drawing squares using grid paper helps him to ensure all the sides have the same number of 1mm squares.  But, he doesn’t know that it is 1 millimeter.  The point is for him to appreciate how squares should be measured and drawn.

Cube (Day 2)

We covered this briefly by showing him some cube boxes.

Art – Draw Shovel (Day 4)

I was really not quite sure what will Ethan draw.  Afterall, prior to drawing this house the only thing that he used to draw was faces and faces and faces.

But I was in for another surprise, I showed him a photograph of an old steam shovel and he was able to come out with quite a neat drawing of a steam shovel! Complete with coloring and a name for it.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

He calls it – ‘Donkey’, search me why he called it that!

Chinese – Water : 水(Day 1)

Pictorial is my usual style to help Ethan recognise Chinese characters.  This time, I draw water fall with droplets around.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I also came up with my own rhyme which we recited with actions on nearly every homeschool days.  On daily basis, whenever Ethan needed to use water to do anything (drink, wash hands, shower, etc), I will say “我 用 水 ____。”, which I believe helped him better in conversing in Mandarin.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Attempted a game, but it didn’t turn out well.  So I think no point blogging it!

On 八, I wished I planned more things.  When he was doing 1 of the worksheets, I realised he wasn’t quite sure about it.  Will work on this.

Outing – Beach (Day 5)  

What great place to try digging a cellar!  We also attempted digging a canal that can link the ‘cellar’ to the sea!  How ambitious!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And not forgetting the yummy food at East Coast Beach’s food center!

Coming Up Next…

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Lesson 15: Grandfather’s Journey (+ USA)

FIAR Book 1: Grandfather’s Journey by Allen Say

Chinese : Number –  “三”, Family – “爸 爸“, ”妈 妈“

Science : Birds

Maths Concept : Counting, Counting in 10s

Art : Bird painting using vegetables

Vocabulary :

World Theme : United States of Social Science : USA’s flag

Bible : Forgiveness – Joseph and his brothers, Luke 6:37 – “Forgive, and you will be forgiven”America

What I listed in this blog is beyond those covered in FIAR.  For copyright issue, I will be safe, and will not list out topics covered in the curriculum manuals.

Chinese – “三”

“Grandfather’s Journey” introduced generations. Since we are covering the number “三” for Chinese, I have Ethan stick pictures of the “三 代“  on the 3 strokes of the character “三”, ie,

1st stroke – Generation 1 : grandparents (my and Dan’s side)

2nd stroke – Generation 2 : parents (me and Daniel)

3rd stroke – Generation 3 : childrent (Ethan and Zoe)

Chinese – “爸 爸” and “妈 妈” character recognition

爸 爸

I use my own story to help Ethan recognise the characters in a, hopefully, fun way. 

For ““, I first let him form the face of a father by

(1) Draw a big over shape on a piece of paper

(2) Cut out the facial features using different colored papers

(3) Ethan to paste the features on the over shaped face.

(4) As he paste, point out and read the face features in Mandarin.

Once the face is done, I use an transparancy, put it over the face, and ‘draw’ out the character . This is how the end result looks like.

妈 妈

(1) I print out pictures of a lady in a dress, and a horse side by side.

(2) Showed Ethan how to write the character 女from the picture of the lady.  Told him is ‘girl’.

(3) Showed Ethan how to write the character fron the picture of the horse. Told him is horse in Chinese, and it sounds a bit like 妈.

(4) When we put 女 and  side by side, it gives us

Chinese rhymes

Found a Chinese rhymes from one of EPH‘s Chinese assessment book.  To make sure that Ethan is able to recognise the 2 characters, I did this:

Ethan has to put the right card under the right face.  And…. he did it all right!!! That means, my method succeeded!  He is now able to recognise the 2 characters.

I repeated the rhyme a few times during the week to have Ethan familiarize with it. 

I know these are not how the character actually comes about, but I’m using ways and means to help my child recognise Chinese characters easiy.

Science : Birds

Outing 1: Neighbourhood walk and bird petshops @ Serangoon North

Besides doing a neighbourhood walk to find out all the different types of birds around our estate, we also went to Serangoon North area to look at the different bird pets, the feeds, cage, different types of birds, etc…  We have a look at some of the birds mentioned and seen in “Grandfather’s”, eg, cockatoo, silvereye, etc…

To my surprise, there are actually Toucan being sold as pet!!! In my opinion, I think it is really cruel.  The cage is hardly big enough for its huge beak…. sigh… Pls, anyone reading this and keeping such pet, do have some humanity, if really want, at least give the bird a big cage…

Outing 2 : Jurong Bird Park

Prior to the trip to park, I prepared this worksheet:

At the park, I tried to cover all the birds on the worksheet.  As we see the bird, I highlight the feature about the bird, largest bird, longest beak, nocturnal, etc, so that Ethan will be able to match the picture to the right phrase.

I’m thankful to have the company from Claudine and her 2 children, Cheryl and Carl.  The children had fun feeding the Lory and Pelicans, as well as the huge fishes near to the Pelicans pond, which I can’t remember its name..  Feeding at the bird park is so much cheaper than the zoo.  Bird park charges $2, while zoo charges $5!  So Claudine and I happily paid for the kids to feed the birds.

Art : Bird painting using vegetables

This idea is taken from the book : The Complete Art Ideas, which I recommended in my EZmum entry.

Suppose to be this:

Ethan’s turn out this way:

Good try … 

Bible: Forgiveness – Joseph and his brothers (from Danielle’s Place, subscription needed)

World Theme : United States of America

50 states with counting covered

Once again, showed Ethan my USA trip photos to start off this topic…

Using this USA map , Ethan and I counted the total number of states in USA.  From the counting, Ethan understood how the name “United States of America” comes about.

USA flag with counting in 10s

I make it point to introduce the flag of each country.  For USA, I let Ethan use felt to do a USA map collage.  The flag template is taken from ABC teach.

Blue background : colored using crayons/oil pastel

Red lines : Strips of red felt

White stars : Ethan cut tiny bits from white felts.  As he cut, I have him group the ‘stars’ in 10s.   And we have 5 containers of 10s ‘stars’, with that, we counted 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50… 50 ‘stars’, 1 star for each state.

Ethan volunteered to write USA around, which I thought is good, get him familiarize with “USA”.


Some useful sites:

Info on USA (about USA) (The meaning of USA flag) (Independence Day celebrations)

Info on WW2 (world war 2 pics) (ww2 pics and facts) (very good)

Info on Birds (warblers)

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