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I love what I’m reading

I have been reading the Charlotte Mason’s series in modern English, and I really love what I have learnt so far.  I love her method of teaching, and I do believe that it will work.

I will not attempt summarising what I read so far, since I really don’t want to do any injustice to her teaching.  So what is it that I like?

saw examples of living books that other CM homeschoolers are using, and the books are really so so so good.  I am not a reader by nature, so even I am drawn to the books after reading a chapter or two.  The language used is nothing like what we read, the language is a work of art.  Something that I’m sure we as parents, will want our children to learn.

The learning of the English language, from spelling, to grammar, to writing composition, is a natural evolution through her method and philosophy.

The teaching of other subjects like history, science, geography also evolve naturally.

She advocate using manipulatives for Math, and I totally agree.

Her philosophy doesn’t just looking into education, she touches on educating the heart and moral value of the child as well.

Last 2 days, I tried the CM style with Mr E, using one of the FIAR book.  Both of us really enjoyed the lesson.  The book we read was “The Little Red Lighthouse and The Great Gray Bridge”.

The love for knowing more about New York evolved after reading.  He wanted to know where is the bridge and light house on the map of New York, we started exploring who is George Washington, from this, we talked about Singapore’s first president, and who is the face on our Singapore dollar bill. We also read stories about George Washington, and saw the actual picture of the red light house verses the great gray bridge.  And oh ya, we talked about Benjamin Sheares’ Bridge too.  From learning about America to Singapore seamlessly evolved.  Mr E also did some copywork, and he wrote SO DILEGENTLY, and SO NICELY.

I know what I just dropped down is so random and unorganised, but I’m really excited, excited that both Mr E and I are enjoying what we learnt.

Honestly, before reading CM, I am really not sure about homeschooling Primary level, but now, with CM, it has given me a very good direction.

Am I decided about what his Primary education? Actually still not yet 😛 Waiting for my hubby’s nod 😛

Good that I have used up all the lesson plans that I did.  I will start doing lesson plan for next term, and I’m certainly looking forward to more interesting journey ahead.


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