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A smooth start

This 2 days, I tried out my homeschool routine. Very smooth, and very happy with the progress so far.  Very tempted to stop attending the group homeschool, cos we are progressing pretty well.

The day is also more relaxing for us.  I find myself nagging Ethan less (cos no need to nag him to quickly eat, bathe, etc, else will be late), and some how because no nag, Ethan also finishes his meals on his own very quickly.  I also find myself having time w/ both kids.

We started on Reading A-Z’s phonics section.  I aim to do reading everyday, w/ Maths/Bible/Science as the supplement.  Yesterday did Read and Maths, today REading and Bible.

Maths from the was fantastic.  It was fun and Ethan enjoyed himself.

  The final count

Ethan free-play with the Maths tools after lesson

For Bible, I re-inforced on the Salvation and went through the purpose of the cross in a artistic way from (some area in this web needs subscription).  Since I don’t have the tools, we draw and color instead of using sand.  It worked and i was very surprse that Ethan has actually grasped the meaning of the cross and its purpose very very well.  Its my prayer that this will stay in his heart for the rest of his life.  I stuck the cross on his room door so that it can be a constant reminder.

The session ended with the sinner’s prayer.


Ethan’s and mummy’s cross

“Ethan, pls always remember,

Yellow – God wants us to have eternal life, cos its presious like gold/yellow.

Black – Sins (black) separate us from the holy God.

Red – Jesus took the punishments on our behalf, and through His blood (red), our pass/present/future sins are all forgiven

White – We are now holy and pure (white).

Green – It doesn’t means that we can go on and sin, we need to grow (like the trees that are green), so that we can please God.”


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